powder vs. liquid detergent

Nowadays, with the introduction of washing liquid into the field of clothing, this question is for everyone to use a washing powder or a washing liquid ?

We must say that these two are two separate categories.

What is the use of washing liquid ?

liquid detergent has a mild detergent effect. For clothes that are not very dirty and are recommended for sensitive clothing, the detergent fluid does not contain bleaching agents and does not pose any damage to the texture.

In the case of washing liquid , you do not have a problem with water dissolution. But it’s easy to dissolve the liquid inside the water, and the additions do not cause whitening on the clothes.

clothing that is contaminated with body fat is the best solution for cleaning these detergent liquids.

In the washing liquid , the smoothness and comfort of the clothes will be very comfortable.

The washing liquid has a modular door and prevents excessive use of detergents. This will reduce the amount of water used to rinse the clothes.

The whole fluid is not harmful to sensitive fibers, which is why it is very suitable for clothes that should be washed daily.

But the washing powder …

First of all, washing powder is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to removing the powder from the public, as it is one of the oldest cleaning cloths. It is very difficult to change the public’s thoughts on leaving the product, and it takes time for the consumer to know the detrimental effects of the powder. And then put it out forever.

First of all, washing powder contains a lot of sodium, which plays a significant role in damage to cloth fibers, which makes it not a good choice for black cloth.

Due to its high cleansing power and the use of bleach, after repeated use, the powders reduce the wear and tear of the garment, the color interference, the shape and shape of the garment and the knitted fabric, as well as the coloration of the colors, especially the dark and black clothes. Therefore, the washing of clothes Expensive and elegant, as well as clothing made by hand-made handicrafts, is by no means recommended with powder.

Washing powder is grainy and some of it is not solved well in water, even if the powder dissolving ability is good but it is used to a large extent, water is still saturated and the powder is not dissolved in water. Therefore, the powder is not soluble in water. After the wash is completed, round or even a white patch is seen on the clothes.

Sodium sulfate in the powder will damage the sewage system in the long run.

Powder compared to fluids containing chemicals is more.

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