How to use spotting agent of accord (prospray)

ProSpray Mild oil, pants, cuff, collar , bottom of dress

for ProSpray The spot should be dry.

Avoid using the ProSpray on wet fabrics.
Before spattering, remove the staining agent from the fabric surface.
spray a few drops of the product on the surface of the spots. after waiting time, with a little soft brush applied to the area and then massaged by hand, and then add a few drops of water to the cloth.
You’ll see foam on cloth. Then do this until fading spot underwater.

the waiting time for ProSpray is 2 minute

When remove stain, it is best to use the absorbent fabric below the spot.

This absorbent fabric absorb stain when is removed from the surface of the fabric.
If the stain is a combination, such as a food smudge, it is better to first remove the stain of the oil. After drying the fabric, the next stain will be remove.
Make sure the color of the fabric is strong before remove stain.
The product contains soap and does not require detergent when staining.
The product is acid-free and does not pose a hazard to humans or textile fibers.
Avoid pouring water into the bottle.
It is better to first stain and then rinse.
Avoid steaming or hot water.
Be sure to close the bottle cap after using it.

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