dishwashingSoap (cleaning product) : anti bacterial, super wash, odorless, non-concentrate, free of dye and bleach, ultra shine

unique properties of (dishwashingSoap)

anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid with a high grease cleansing and low consumption.

duo to the non-use of perfumed oils and unauthorized materials, no damage to the lung.

the formulation of this product is compatible with the skin and does not cause any allergies.

this substance does not contain harmful acid.

this product does not damage the dishes and glazes on it.


with this liquid, dishes do not need to soak up for hours, and it is easy to clean  the hardest grease with a scrab and a few drops of liquid, which will prevent excessive consumption of water and detergent.

it is best to use gloves when using this liquid.

dishwashing soap

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